Amanda Davis is In the Know & in the City

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This Tribeca mom of two craves the pace—and the food!


Amanda Davis and her Tribeca-based family love living in the city—and a glimpse at their day to day and it’s easy to see why. The family—including seven-year-old Harper and five-year-old Sawyer—love soaking up all the city has to offer, from live entertainment to amazing restaurants to, simply, taking a stroll through the neighborhood. “The city’s energy, the ability to try new things at a moment’s notice, and having everything at my fingertips,” Amanda says. “We love living here.”


Living here, she adds, has also influenced her work. Amanda is a Luxury Travel Advisor with In the Know Experiences, a leading luxury travel, and lifestyle agency. “New York City never sleeps, and the pace here is very frenetic,” she explains. “My career is very quick-paced as well, and I’m always having to switch gears. The energy of the city definitely has had an influence on my work style.”


While there are lots she loves about the city, Amanda is always up for a pop-up event, Broadway, off-Broadway or comedy show, or afternoon in the West Village. “And when we aren’t doing that,” she says, “I love to travel, spend time with my family, try new restaurants and curl up on the couch and watch bad reality TV.”

For Amanda and her family, Manhattan is the ultimate stomping ground and an ideal place to raise a family. To other families sticking it out in the city, Amanda suggests finding a neighborhood that checks all of your boxes—especially on the school front.


“The school your kids go to and neighborhood you live in becomes your community,” she explains, “so make sure it’s a great fit before jumping in.”


Urban Jungle Strategist Rachel Barone agrees. “People often think about their immediate neighborhood as their community,” she says. “But that’s one of the amazing things about being in the city—there are so many communities to be a part of, from your building to your kids’ schools to your extracurriculars to even your Pilates studio.” These should all be considerations when looking for a neighborhood to call “home.”


We get it—we’re raising our families in the city, too. Get in touch and let’s talk neighborhoods and next steps, and help you find the right block to call “home.”