Apartment Hacks: When Baby #2 is On the Way…

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Apartment Hacks for Baby Number 2

Making space for kid #1 was touch-and-go in your apartment — but, no doubt, you nailed it. Now, though, you’re welcoming baby #2 in that same two-bedroom.

Before you panic — or start plotting your move to the suburbs — READ ON. We’ve been there, done that and, yes, even managed to fit a third kid in our beloved apartment. Here’s how:



#1 Carve out a niche for that crib


Creative crib placement is a MUST. Besides, best intentions aside, baby #2 is probably going to sleep in your bedroom for several weeks or, even, months, and that gives you some time to figure out exactly how you want things laid out.

While many parents opt to, ultimately, put baby in with an older sibling, you could have other options, especially when they’re small. If you’ve got a large walk-in closet or even a spacious landing between rooms, focus there — could that be a “bedroom,” at least for now?


We’ve seen many city mamas replace a walk-in closet door with a curtain, add some adorable pics, pop in a crib and call it a day. While baby will outgrow it in the next year or two, for now it’s a good spot to keep the crib and ensure everyone has their own space — at least until sleep training kicks in...


#2 Toys are overrated (in bedrooms, anyways…)


Playing is an essential part of childhood development and cultivating gross and fine motor skills. That said, kids only play with certain toys for so long and there’s no need to clutter their bedrooms with stuffed animals, games and dress up clothes they never touch. Find a new place to store toys and donate the neglected ones.


Space-saver bags are an amazing resource for these kinds of purges, helping you keep items until baby #2 is old enough to enjoy them, while keeping your ever-growing toy stash from getting unruly.


#3 Changing tables are so baby #1


Really, how often did you use your last changing table? So why waste the space it takes when you could fill it with a crib instead?


Instead of dedicating a significant portion of your childrens’ room to diaper changing, pop a changing pad, mat or dresser top onto your child’s dresser and use that. No room for a dresser? Set up a portable changing station that goes with you — a mat, pack of wipes, diapers and small baggies are sufficient — or opt for a crib with a built-in changing area.


#4 Hidden storage is your BFF


Flat, plastic storage bins that can be tucked under cribs or beds are a lifesaver for parents living in the city. Select one that’ll fit beneath the crib, load it with diapers, wipes and next season’s onesies you’re good to go.


#5 Second rod = double closet


Your child’s closet is brimming with space — you just aren’t using it…yet.

Children’s clothes are short and don’t require as much space. To fit twice the wardrobe, simply add a second rod to their closet. You’ll instantly be able to hang twice as much, and can easily swap in as their sizes or the seasons change.


#6 Pick a stroller that can stow and go


While we love some of those super trendy strollers, many are BIG — and many don’t collapse particularly well.

When picking stroller #2, opt for a model that folds flat and that’s relatively light. Not only will it instantly take up less space, but if it’s light enough you’ll be able to hang it — that means even less closet or floor space being taken up. Bonus!


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