Fitness Personalities by Neighborhood: NYC

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If it isn’t difficult enough to find out which form of working out actually works for you (and doesn’t make you want to run out of the studio in tears), now you have to worry about if you’re living in the right neighborhood for that particular fitness scene. Yogies, cyclists, runners, pilates-lovers; it can definitely be overwhelming. Don’t worry. We’re here to help you navigate the different ‘fitness personalities’ of the NYC athletic scene, with everything from where to grab Instagram-worthy athleisure, to where you can use your Class Pass membership.

Photo: SoulCycle Instagram


Noho: For the Trendy-Fit


NoHo, recently dubbed “Fitness Alley,” according to the New York Post, is home to more than a dozen gyms and various fitness studios with a variety of workout classes. This area is perfect for the ‘trendy fitness’ lovers, in other words those who want the best low-calorie Acai bowl before sweating their butt off in an Instagram-worthy yoga studio in their newest Lulus. Home to Barry’s Bootcamp, Mile High Run Club, Rumble, Soul Cycle, Y7 Lab, Overthrow NYC, and Pop Physique, the fitness options are up-scale, each starting at around $30 for one class. If this is a out of your price-range, luckily a lot of these classes are offered on Class Pass, a fitness membership for those who want to try a variety of classes. Popular gyms in the area include Crunch, Retro Fitness, and Equinox.


For a bite before or after your class, Broken Coconut is a healthy eatery on E 4th street, offering dairy-free, coconut yogurt based treats as well as grain bowls and toasts. Definitely worthy of a feature on your clean-eats Instagram page. For trendy athleisure, you’re a short walk to Adidas NoHo, Nike SoHo, Kith, and Lululemon.

Photo: Sai De Silva of Scout the City courtesy of Bandier


Flatiron: For the Fitness Junkies


The area from 14th to 30th streets and from Sixth the Lexington avenues transitioned from the ‘Toy District’ to the Flatiron District in the 1980s. Most recently, however, residents have begun casually referring to the area as the ‘Fitness District’ or, as Jennifer Bandier, who launched the fitness boutique Bandier, likes to call it ‘Fitiron,’ according to amNew York. Popular studios offer options like spinning, dance, high intensity training, boxing, reformer pilates, and more. If you’re thinking of moving to Flatiron and you want to keep up with ‘the fitness capital,’ we recommend Class Pass, as a ton of Flatiron studios are offered through the program. Don’t be surprised if you’re walking down 23rd street at 5am and see people rocking Bandier leggings, toting gym bags, and sipping on a kale and cayenne smoothie.

Photo: Central Park running path courtesy of Chelsea Beasley


Upper East Side: For the Runners


While you can feasibly run on your gym’s treadmill in any part of Manhattan, nothing beats the cool air on your face, the smell of grass (yes, even in NYC), and, if you’re lucky, the view of the East River when you run outside. The Upper East Side is lucky enough to be in the middle of some of the most iconic parks in NYC, including, of course, Central Park. Anyone with sneakers must run through the world-famous park at some point, with routes including Perimeter and Reservoir and plenty of hilly options for the more advanced runners. The East River Running Path runs all the way from 34th street to around 125th for those ambitious enough to take on a 5 mile run. Carl Schurz Park is a 14.9 acre public park running along the East River in Yorkville with shorter trails. The park also offers dog runs for you and your four legged friends. If you’re looking for classes, Barry’s Bootcamp and Ripped are also a part of the already uber-fit neighborhood. 

Photo: Y7 Studio


Williamsburg: For the Yogis

For a lot of New Yorkers, the best way to relax is to enjoy a peaceful yoga class. Home to a variety of fitness studios all over the spectrum, Williamsburg has a plethora of yoga studios with something for every mat-toting yogi. Modo Yoga is a heated yoga studio that is big on community, so if you’re looking to meet other Yogis this is the place for you. If you’re like me and music makes (or breaks) the whole experience for you, Y7 Studio offers 60-minute, candlelit classes with a variety of themed classes, ranging from Beyonce to Meek Mill and early-2000s. Check out their Instagram page @y7studio for schedule updates. Other yoga offerings in Williamsburg include Shaktibarre, Syncstudio Brooklyn, Yo BK Williamsburg, Awakening NY, Loom Yoga Center and Solfire.

Photo: SLT Tribeca courtesy of Tribeca Citizen


TriBeCa: For the Pilates-Lovers


Pilates is an option for fitness lovers, wannabe fitness lovers, and those who will admit that they have absolutely no idea what they’re doing, because it is low-impact and strengthens muscles, improves posture and flexibility, and targets the core, according to Self. Whether you’re a pilates-junky or new to the game, TriBeCa offers a variety of pilates classes, both mat and reformer. Club Pilates, Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates, SLT Tribeca, and Xtend Barre Tribeca are all studios that offer Pilates classes, from beginner to expert. If you’re a parent, Pilates Mamas between West and Washington streets allows you to take Pilates classes with your baby!


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