Roundup: Our Top 5 Incredible Kitchens for The Holidays in Park Slope, Cobble Hill, and Dumbo

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Kitchens are often referred to as the heart of the home. This metaphor feels most apt around the holidays. Kitchens are where we nourish our bodies and spirits: whipping up family recipes, sneaking that extra slice of pie, baking gingerbread cookies with the kids – these are moments that are unique to a space. Although, some of our favorite memories might center around that time you hosted 20 people in your tiny Manhattan kitchen, it’s always nice to spread out a bit. That’s why this year, we are thinking about incredible kitchens in Brooklyn – one-of-a-kind spaces perfectly suited for gathering together with families and friend groups small and large.

Photo: Gieves Anderson for Architectural Digest


Greek Revival Brooklyn Townhouse

Featured in Architectural Digest, Elizabeth Roberts designed this airy light-drenched kitchen as the focal point of Eyeswoon founder’s, Athena Calderone’s, Greek Revival townhouse. Stretching across the entire 25’ width of the house and opening onto a chic terrace, we’re positive we could fit all of our family and friends in this space and still have room to sip champagne and dance the night away.  

Photo: Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design


Bergen Street Townhouse

Speaking of Elizabeth Roberts…

We’re big fans of all of the work she’s done across Brooklyn with her design team at Ensemble Architecture. It goes without saying, this kitchen is everything we’ve ever wanted for ourselves—down to the crackling wood fire, open shelving, and floor to ceiling iron windows. Roberts designed the perfect urban meets rustic space to get prepped for a cozy holiday season complete with chestnuts roasting on an open fire and a cup of tea (read: wine).

Photo: Samuel Morgan Photography / Courtesy of Remodelista


Brooklyn Brownstone

Also in Park Slope, this neoclassical 1910 Brooklyn brownstone kitchen was thoughtfully modernized by Gerry Smith without sacrificing the turn-of-the-century weight. This stunning makeover has us daydreaming of the perfect holiday with new and old traditions brought by twists on our favorite classic recipes and new additions to growing families – all part of an ever changing foundation of a home. Not to mention, all the extra space there is have the kids help with the sweet and festive holiday recipes, and, of course, put them on dish detail, too.

Photo: Christopher Sturman / Courtesy of CWB Architects


Limestone Rowhouse

And, just down the street, we have a similar story with breathtaking results. CWB Architects was able to maintain the original details of this home when refashioning the space to suit a family with three young boys. Together with Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, they incorporated elegance, texture, and real thoughtfulness to create the ultimate space that all of our design dreams are made of. If ever there was a Nutcracker-inspired kitchen that we’ve dreamed of for preparing the perfect Christmas goose, this gold-detailed stove is it.

Photo: Rebecca Robertson Interiors


Dumbo Waterfront Condominium

Every aspect of this Scandinavian-inspired design—from the slate grey countertops to the sleek wood paneling—is pure design perfection. We’re feeling inspired by this Nordic space and want nothing more than to hunker down with the ones we love most as the snow falls and the fire roars. After all, the Scandinavians know a thing or two about cozying up.


It’s no secret we’re drawn to the kitchen and with so many swoon-worthy design options to choose from, we’d incorporate everything in this line up into our dream-homes-in-the-making. But, whatever your perfect kitchen entails, we hope you’ll be celebrating this holiday season with the most important people in your life.


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