Suburban Jungle Talks Mom Types with Divalysscious Moms!​

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When you move to suburbia everything looks a little different—including the moms! Our take? There are plenty of unique personalities but, no matter the ‘burb, you’ll run into the same few mom types over and over again. Those types?​ Check out our post on Divalysscious Moms to find out!

“But here’s the thing—just like there’s a “type” in every single city neighborhood, every suburb has a personality that, no doubt, will become very apparent once you start to dig in. And, in our experience, that often boils down to a few different ‘mom types’ that seem to pop up no matter the ‘burb. Spot them on your next search—it’s like a living, breathing game of suburban bingo!”

Click here to check out Divalysscious Moms’ post. And to figure out what town truly fits your family, click here and get your complimentary suburbs strategy session!