5 Ways You Can Only Celebrate Thanksgiving in the City

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Just because you can’t seat 16 in your dining room (or kitchen…) doesn’t mean Turkey Day can’t be the best ever!


If you grew up in the suburbs—or, even, hiked it to the ‘burbs for the big day—you no doubt remember all of the perks. Not only was there plenty of parking for Grandma and Grandpa, but there was tons of space for kids to play pre- and post-meal—and speaking of meal, the dining room table was big enough to hold the entire neighborhood…give or take.


Now, though, you’re celebrating in the city—and you’ve got this. Despite the smaller space, NYC was made for Thanksgiving—and so was your apartment. That’s why, this year, we’re raising a glass to carving the turkey in the boroughs. Some of the amazing reasons Thanksgiving is better here?


#1. One Word: Macy’s

This time we aren’t talking about the store—we’re talking about the PARADE. Whether you opt to haul your crew to the actual parade route, have a balcony, rooftop or window with a great view or, even, take the kids to watch the balloon get inflated the night before, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is an epic event that the entire country tunes into. But not you—because you’re living it. Really, what could be better—and what could be a more magical childhood memory—than being front-and-center for the singing, dancing and floats?


#2. Black Friday is BETTER

Why wade through endless crowds at an overpacked, overpriced shopping mall? Hitting up the Black Friday sales in the city is a totally different experience—hop in an Uber or jump on the subway and cruise from one shop to the next. There are countless stores—and, hands down, something for everyone—which means you’ll rarely have to fight the crowds to get your holiday must-have.


#3. Sweat off the Pie

Whether it’s touch football in Central Park, strolling past the holiday windows or, even, hitting up a Pilates class, there are endless ways to work off the stuffing and the sweets pre- or post-meal. While, yes, the parade is happening, uptown and downtown tend to feel completely empty on holidays—and that means the city is YOUR playgrounds.


And if the great outdoors isn’t your thing? While in the ‘burbs gyms and studios tend to close for Thanksgiving, many of our faves stay open for at least part of the day ensuring you can break a sweat—or just get away from all of those visiting relatives.


#4. Into the Oven…

One of our go-to holiday hacks? Asking a traveling neighbor if we can use their oven for added prep space. Chances are, they’ll say yes and, suddenly, you’ve got double the cooking space—and power. In the suburbs, you’d be hauling food across streets or, even, across town. Now, though, you’re just steps away from your bonus oven. So go ahead, get that 24-pound turkey…


#5. Dig in and Dine Out

Not feeling like Martha Stewart? Get out! There are literally hundreds of Thanksgiving-appropriate restaurants open all day long. Whether you want a traditional turkey dinner—we’re looking at you, Bubby’s—or something uniquely New York like Rock Center Cafe, the possibilities are endless.


And, even though you’re dining out, the entire experience will feel incredibly holiday—between the holiday windows and the parade-goers and the festive spirit that defines the city this time of year, you’ll have a Thanksgiving to remember whether it’s in the apartment or not.


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