The 5 Best Neighborhoods to Be Vegan in NYC

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Picking a neighborhood in NYC is not easy. There are so many factors that play into where you want to live: the nightlife, the people, accessibility, the food. You know what makes it even harder to find a place that fits you like a glove? Being a vegan. Finding vegan-friendly hot spots in NYC is not hard to do. However, finding good vegan-friendly hot-spots is a whole different story. So, in the interest of exploring some of the best vegan joints in New York City, we’re not ashamed to admit we’ve eaten our way through the Big Apple to bring you an insider’s guide to the best neighborhoods to be vegan. 

Photos: Ja Ja Ja

Photo: Orchard Grocer via  Bon Appetit


The Lower East Side

This part of town is great for a multitude of reasons, but for a vegan it’s almost a must-live-in. (At the very least it’s a must-visit). Aside from the fun and hip restaurant options, like Ja Ja Ja, the hip Mexican place with a variety of vegan-friendly options, what will really win you over are the grocery stores. Orchard Grocer is an all-vegan delicatessen that specializes in sandwiches, soft-serve, hard to come by pantry items, and snacks. The kitchen is also gluten-free friendly. The best part? They now offer meal and grocery deliveries through GrubHub and Mercato.

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Although surprising to some, Flatiron is an up-and-coming vegan hot spot. Between the wide variety of vegan friendly sit down spots, including abcV, Chennai Garden, and Little Beet Table, and the grab-and-go options like by Chloe. and Terri, you’ll find yourself here so often you may as well move to the neighborhood!

Photo: Avant Garden


East Village

It is not hard to find a vegan eatery of choice in the East Village. Looking for a burger? Superiority Burger has you covered on delicious veggie burgers, tofu-cabbage wraps, vegetarian sloppy joes and vanilla-labna gelato. For vegan fare that embraces produce and veggies as opposed to veg-as-meat options, Avant Garden is a must. On a nice day, you ‘ll love stopping by the Tompkins Square Greenmarket farmers market for a variety of fresh produce.

Photo: Le Botantiste


Upper East Side

The 82nd Street St. Stephen’s Greenmarket is open year-round, and in addition to picking up your delicious, farm-fresh veggies, you can donate clothing daily from 9am-2pm. Le Botantiste, located on Lexington and 63rd, is the local plant-based food and wine bar that your vegan heart has been calling out for.

Photo: The Pennsy


Midtown West

The amount of vegan eateries in Midtown West will surely make any vegan feel right at home, but what sets this neighborhood apart truly is The Pennsy. This high-end food hall right above Penn Station has delectable vegan places to choose from like Cinnamon Snail, The Little Beet, and Taco Dumbo. You’ll never want to leave the area. Also, a Whole Foods nearby never hurt any vegan.


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